Terms & Conditions

In order to protect both our students and our business, it is necessary for us to have terms and conditions regulating the terms of our agreement. These reflect those in place across the garden design education industry.

1. Enrolment and the contract

1.1 The application form and these terms and conditions together constitute the terms of the legally binding contract (“the Contract”) between you (“the Student”) and Pickard School of Garden Design (“PSGD”)

1.2 Enrolment of any Student on the course is subject to receipt by PSGD from the Student of a completed application form and written confirmation of a place from PSGD

1.3 The Student must:-

1.3.1  meet PSGD’s English proficiency requirement

1.3.2  be solely responsible for obtaining any necessary VISA where appropriate

1.3.3  be 18 years of age by the commencement of the course

2. Fees

2.1 There is a non-returnable deposit of £600 for the diploma course which must be paid within 7 days of an offer being made by PSGD to secure the place offered

2.2 The balance of the course fees are payable 4 weeks prior to the start of the course

2.3 It is not possible to attend a course unless payment has been received

2.4 If fees are overdue PSGD reserve the right to charge interest at 12% per annum.  The Student should contact the Principal of PSGD immediately if circumstances arise which prevent the payment of fees being made on time

2.5 The Student is liable for any bank or other charges related to the payment of fees

2.6 The price of the course will be as advertised for the year in question

2.7 PSGD will not refund fees in either full or part if the Student:-

2.7.1  is unable to attend PSGD for any reason.  PSGD therefore strongly recommend that the Student consider taking out insurance to limit the risk of illness, accident, or family bereavement

2.7.2  fails to complete the course for any reason

2.7.3  is excluded from the course under clause 7 below

2.8 In the event of the Student leaving the course for any reason any unpaid fees become immediately payable and PSGD reserve the right to charge interest at 12% per annum until such fees are paid in full


3. Termination

3.1 If the Student gives 4 weeks written notice of their wish to withdraw from the course prior to commencement then PSGD will refund any payment of fees save for the deposit only if the Student’s place can be reallocated to another prospective student

3.2 Withdrawal from the course after the commencement date means that the Student has lost the right to terminate the Contract and PSGD will retain any fees paid.  In addition the Student is liable to pay any unpaid fees which may be outstanding immediately pursuant to clause 2.7 above


4. Copyright

4.1 The Student grants PSGD all necessary rights to use for any reasonable business purpose photographic images of the Student and/or any work produced by them during the course


5. Changes to the Course

5.1 PSGD reserves the right at all times to make such changes to the course content, lecturers, timing, venue, location and any other details as the Principal deems necessary and appropriate in order to provide a high quality service or where it is necessary for reasons beyond our control

5.2 PSGD reserves the right to cancel all or part of the course at any time subject to repayment of fees received in relation to the part of the course cancelled

5.3 Garden visits and the tutored review of RHS Chelsea flower show are offered as a goodwill addition to the course and in no way form part of this contract

5.4  PSGD will not be liable for any losses or expenses arising from amendments to the course or cancellation

5.5  All refunds are made to the source of the initial payment


6. Award of Diploma

6.1 PSGD reserves the right not to award the diploma if

6.1.1 the Student fails to reach the minimum pass mark for the final project

6.1.2 the Student is absent for any reason for more than 10% of the course


7. Exclusion

7.1 PSGD reserves the right to exclude the Student from the course either on a permanent or temporary basis if:-

7.1.1  there is any reason to believe the Student poses a threat to staff or other students

7.1.2  the Student’s conduct is deemed by the Principal to be  inappropriate or disruptive

7.1.3  the Student’s fees are overdue

7.1.4 the Student has provided inaccurate information on the application form


8. Limit to Liability

8.1 PSGD will not be liable for:-

8.1.1  any loss of personal property

8.1.2  any costs incurred by the Student in producing coursework, the cost of materials required, or admission costs to shows or venues which may be visited during the course

8.1.3  any loss suffered by the Student which is indirect, special or consequential or any loss of profits incurred by the Student


9. Intellectual Property

9.1 Course materials are supplied for the Student’s personal use.  PSGD remain the owner of all intellectual property in course materials and no part of the materials may be copied or reproduced without our permission


10. General provisions

10.1 The Contract contains all the contractual terms agreed between you, the Student, and PSGD

10.2 No delay by PSGD in enforcing its rights under the Contract shall be deemed to be a waiter of such rights

10.3 The Contract is governed by English law